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Works in Action

Roshawn D. Scott Scholarship Fund

Roshawn was a graduate of Ypsilanti High School who lost a battle with Asthma: ​

(4) graduating seniors with a GPA of 2.5 or above will receive this $500 award in honor of his name.  Applicants for the award must write a 500 word essay on why they deserve this award and write a statement of intent describing their academic goals. Two letters of recommendation from a teacher or mentor in the community is also required.


Rap 2 Read; Read 2 Learn Squad

This team of 6-9 year old students are taught an array of purposeful strategies that will elevate their reading and comprehension levels to compete in the traditional classroom setting. Participants are Pre and Post​ tested to track growth and monitor achievement levels. Teamwork is promoted constantly with an emphasis on using mental strength to overcome reading challenges.

Teen Group.jpg

Teenage Leadership Team

Ages 12-18; Can someone say, "Tough Crowd!". We are working with this group of natural leaders with a primary focus in:

* Conflict Resolution

* Teamwork Development 

* Identifying Gifts and Talents that can help any Team.

Parenting with a Purpose Group

Since no one is given a manual on "How To Parent" the children that you have; We are working with parents to compare notes on what we can do as a group to support each other. Resources, ideas, and stories are shared within the group. We also sponsor and promote family outings for all that consistently participate.

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